Who we are

SIF MA Now is a growing coalition of medical and public health professionals and organizations, current and former substance users, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, social justice groups, and concerned Massachusetts residents who believe that safe consumption sites (SCSs) are one important evidence-based solution to problems related to drug use in Massachusetts.

We aim to create a climate increasing harm reduction practices that are based in science and have proven successful across the globe including SCSs within the recovery and treatment community in Massachusetts. We want a systemic change to Recovery, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation protocol that values and includes harm reduction techniques proven to save lives and reduce complications surrounding active drug use and begin to seriously address possibilities for people with problematic substance use to better their lives in a way that leads to personal transformation, community transformation and systemic transformation.

We believe legalizing and opening SCSs in MA is one vital step in curbing the continually increasing number of opioid related overdose deaths in MA as they provide education and directly empower affected individuals to improve their life, health, happiness, safety and stability by offering alternative options to high-risk isolating behavior and resources for recovery when and if individuals are willing and ready to reach for them.