Matt Fein, LICSW, testified at the Statehouse alongside Zoi Andalcio, LMHC, in support of piloting safe consumption sites in MA. These two emphasized the mental and behavioral health - and life-saving - necessity of this harm reduction approach. In his testimony, Matt stated, “Conversations with fellow social workers have made it apparent that this loss of life is felt in every aspect of the lives of persons in this state and the systems that support them.”

SIFMA NOW co-founder, Aubri Esters, explains SIFs’ benefits and signs up new recruits at the BU School of Public Health in the fight to increase harm reduction services in Massachusetts.

Dr. Katrina Ciraldo, South Boston Health Center, and SIFMA NOW co-founder, explains how a mobile Supervised Site might work in the field.

Brandon Marshall, PhD, Prof. at Brown University School of Public Health, shares his research showing the benefits of SIFS with the Harvard School of Public Health

Brieze Kelley, MD, Mass General Hospital, speaks to SIFMA NOW about the urgency of setting up SIFs

Aubri Esters and Dr. Iru Fernando share a light moment on a panel at the First Church of Cambridge

Jim Stewart, co-founder of SIFMA NOW, Director of the Homeless Shelter at the First Church in Cambridge, addresses nursing students in western Massachusetts.

Medical students join SIFMA NOW to educate legislators about the medical benefits of SIFs

Mark Eisenberg, MD, Mass General Hospital and SIFMA NOW co-founder, mourns the unnecessary loss of life because of the absence of SIFs

Sandro Galea, MD, Dean of the Boston University School of Public Health, speaks to the media in support of SIFs in front of the SIFMA NOW demonstration tent

Richard Saitz, MD, Boston University School of Public Health, has data to refute fears of increased drug usage from the establishment of supervised injection facilities.

A SIFMA NOW sponsored panel at the U. Mass School of Nursing

Vaughan Rees, PhD, Harvard School of Public Health has particular expertise with SIFs in Australia. He lectures widely on their benefits.

At UMass Medical Center in Worchester

Jim Stewart in conversation

Stack o’ Studies…

Mock SCS, UMass Medical Center, Worchester